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Video Surveillance

Wide and advanced portfolio of video analytics tools

iTesLab solutions offer robust, easy-to-use video analytics to automate your video surveillance, whether for security, retail, traffic , parking, facial detection, etc.

Basic video surveillance is often limited to viewing images (capture), transmitting data in digital form to a control screen and recording images in a database. In this type of video surveillance, the human plays a primordial role. However, we now know that after only 20 minutes of observation, an operator may not see up to 90% of a scene's activity.

To overcome this problem, iTesLab intelligent video surveillance combines intelligent image analysis software and hardware that helps the human operator and makes it more effective. automating video analysis and security alerts, and reducing the need for manual monitoring.


Thanks to the intelligent video surveillance of iTesLab, the images obtained by one or more surveillance camera (s) are analyzed and automatically interpreted, so that a camera can, for example, follow the movement of a silhouette in a scene. by eliminating all disruptive and irrelevant extraneous elements (vibrations, variations in luminosity, movements caused by the wind in the foliage...). Similarly, an analysis of suspicious behavior or immobility can be performed. .

  • A Video surveillance management system based on Cloud architecture.
  • Web and mobile access and streaming.
  • Adaptable to different networks: Connected, Mobile, IoT,...
  • Extendable to integrate other applications.
  • Trigger the alarm in real time and event management
  • Prevent incidents by early detection of suspicious behavior
  • Detection and classification of body movement
  • Help after-the-fact,surveys with optimized content that can serve as evidence: spatio-temporal data (time and place of acquisition of images), encryption and coded signatures making videos secure, tamper-proof.
  • Attendance tracking system.
  • Traffic and parking monitoring.
  • Notification, alerts and statistics management.
  • Human face identification and recognition.
  • Behavior detection

iTes Video Analytics are developed using machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in image processing & computer vision technology. iTes provides different analysis / analytics modules for various sectors. Some of them are:

  • Retail Analytics
  • Far View Perimeter Intrusion
  • Nighttime Intrusion Detection
  • Person/vehicles Classification
  • Facial Detection & Matching
  • Crowd Density Detection
  • Missing object detection
  • Vehicle Classification & Counting
  • Highway Speed Detection
  • Highway Vehicle Counting

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