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ITesLab has been a major player in the intelligent video surveillance market since 2012, with a constant presence in the video analysis and intelligent security systems market, present at Ariana in Tunisia and Paris La Défense in France. The know-how, the quality, the expertise and the experience of iTesLab are the main assets that allow us to be recognized as specialists in vehicle detection and facial recognition, making iTesLab a reference for companies developing and marketing license plate recognition products and video analysis solutions for intelligent video surveillance systems. We make sustained efforts to be ahead of the market and honor our customers with solutions that help them make the most of their projects. ITesLab products meet the highest quality standards and rely on proprietary technologies developed by our in-house engineers (R & D).

Thanks to our continuous investments in R&D, we feel proud of being pioneers in the technologies we develop and strive to manufacture added-value solutions by designing easy-to-use solutions based on artificial intelligence and easy start-up concept.

iTesLab Team

Always at your disposal and in constant search of evolution and improvement, iTesLab is made up of a team of passionate and visionary people who believe in the power of true innovation and are fully committed to delivering cutting edge solutions meant to reshape the safety market in terms of its management and security.

Experience you can rely on…

Keeping pace with a highly demanding technological environment, iTesLab focuses on providing our customers with professional solutions based on high-performance biometric algorithms. iTesLab solutions are reliable, configurable, and easy to use, complemented by a level of technical support that has helped to make it a trusted of high-quality biometric software for over six years.

We help you manage your risk and protect what is most important to you.

Our mission

Our main mission is to provide our customers with solutions that perfectly meet their needs in the areas of embedded, IoT, mobile and intelligent video surveillance by applying the technologies of facial recognition, identification registration plates and traffic analysis.

Our vision

We are always at the forefront of digital, so that our customers keep their technological edge. Offering scalable and reliable solutions, giving our customers a sense of security..

Our core values

We embody our experience, professionalism and innovative mind into effortless security management solutions.

True innovation
Quality commitment
As a technology company working with smarter innovations regularly, iTesLab encourages optimization in all aspects of business, enabling a sense of entrepreneurship across all departments with everyone striving to Do more with Less.
We believe that in order to succeed, we must create winning teams, which is why we constantly break silos, encourage collaboration and reward teamwork.
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Current projects
Happy clients
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The iTesLab Difference

iTesLab features a fully-scalable facial recognition, video management, license plate recognition and traffic analysis software platform to ensure maximum reliability and satisfaction of needs


We help create safer and more personalized spaces for retailers, law enforcement agencies, transportation hubs, militaries, corporations and other great organizations around the world.

Our Commitment

Respect for human values ​​comes before any contractual commitment. All iTesLab resources come together to build partnerships and make every customer a satisfied partner.

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