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Road Traffic


Increased traffic, burgeoning urbanization, increasing environmental pressures ... Today, the challenges facing cities, municipalities and countries require innovative solutions. Whether it is hardware or software, road traffic engineering or strategic management and coordination, iTeslab, as a major solution provider in the context of the promotion of smart cities (Smart Cities)

Cities and especially urban areas face major challenges in the road transport sector, they must maintain their mobility while strengthening their economic power and quality of life. For us, everything is a question of quality. Provide impeccable, efficient and professional service in a timely and punctual way every time. With our proven experience in transportation engineering, we are at your side to help you meet these challenges. Traffic controllers, signal heads or traffic detectors to application and counting solutions. iTesLab offers a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge solutions for your traffic management and control needs.


Intelligent transportation systems are central to the Smart City, and iTesLab's video analytics products are a key component in traffic signal control systems, automatic number plate recognition and speed cameras, to security video systems and Intelligent parking guidance and Traffic Monitoring.

  • Traffic analytics can be used in traffic light control systems and congestion monitoring.
  • Video surveillance management system based on Cloud architecture.
  • Automatic counting and classification of video traffic for roads
  • People and vehicle tracking .
  • Notification, alerts and statistics management.
  • Prevent incidents by early detection of suspicious behavior
  • Connected mobility solution
  • Intelligent access control based on optimized recognition of the number of plates.
  • Video panorama seamlessly stitches multiple videos into one large, panoramic view in real-time.
  • Automatic parking and traffic monitoring based on manage of lists( white list of detected vehicle, Authorized list, black list, …)
  • Advanced motion detection and speed analysis
  • 24/7 monitoring of traffic on motorways.

Our traffic solution is a complete resource for the collection, analysis and reporting of road traffic data.iTesLab Traffic does not require specific hardware installations and provides more information than simple daily vehicle counts. iTesLab Traffic will provide you with accurate information on effortless traffic. Process in real time or from video files, for a variety of events, including vehicle classification and counting, speed, idle vehicles, and more:

  • Traffic Analytics and Access Control Solution
  • Highway Management
  • Calculation of average speed
  • Detection of access to prohibited areas
  • Detection of forbidden stops
  • Traffic jam detection
  • Management of bus lanes: verbalization in case of infringement
  • Monitoring of enclosures in Industrial estates, Factories or large companies, Villages and Housing developments
  • Traffic Counting

iTesLab offers a customization service for the most demanding. This offer allows you to get 100% customized business software at a lower cost. Contact us